snaps & snippets & blurbs

according to the standards set forth here, this was a stellar weekend.  cook some good food.  check.  do some laundrycheckgive the dogs a bathcheckgo for a run with ben...well, not quite...but it is happening tonight!  plus, we even enjoying some extra fun together with family.  here are my favorite snaps and excerpts from the weekend.  happy monday, folks!

enjoying some time together +  sunshine & warm weather + a deliciously spicy dinner at chipotle [two scoops of extra hot salsa on mine, yes please] +  my handsome hubby + saturday morning relaxation time with the buddies...they sit on the couch and stare at us longingly until we come and join them.  too cute to resist + working on a little project with my dad...charlie likes to help as long as he can use the iPad + the glorious outdoors! + picking some dinner ingredients from my dad-in-law's garden: lettuce and mint and rosemary.  fresh and aromatic + a gourmet meal at home...pan chicken and savory navy bean mash with a drizzle of crispy oyster mushroom and sage butter sauce.  thank you ben for making eating a home a treat + a sunday afternoon excursion to true food [yes, again.  we were there last week.  and a few weeks before that.  it is amazing, okay?] to celebrate my sister's 22nd birthday [wow.  time flies] +  the dad and bree's boyfriend paul + opening gifts + sunday evening was spent rotating laundry and giving the buddies baths.  first charlie, then coco + then, we spent the remainder of the evening curled up on the couch watching some 30 Rock on DVD.