a lovely lunch

yesterday, i enjoyed a refreshing, al fresco lunch with my mom.  it was truly practically perfect in every way...

every once in a while, you just need a date with your mom.  a time to talk about girl stuff and life and women's Bible studies and makeup and clothes and shoes and food and...lions and tigers and bears [oh my].  just fun chit-chat.  real life conversation with a smattering of silly.  what a welcome diversion.  during the middle of a crazy workday...smack dab in the middle of a crazy week at work...it is nice to sit for a spell and talk the afternoon away.

which is precisely what we did.

a delightfully cloudy scottsdale day. the perfect mix of eery, dreary gray with stunning beauty + a lunchtime getaway from work.  it makes the lunch date all the more enjoyable + the palm lined path to true food kitchen + my cute mom + the outdoor organic gardens...isn't fun to actually see where your food is grown before it hits your plate? + the bustling restaurant scene + trying to select the perfect dish from a plentiful assortment of yummy plates + chatting and enjoying the fresh air while we wait for the food to arrive + my favorite salad...the chicken chop with jicama, cranberries, manchego cheese, farro, dates, marcona almonds, and champagne vinaigrette.  just. so. good. + a perfect bowl of chocolate-y goodness for two