the gallery

lynn dooley marek

this talented artist is my childhood best friend's mom.  she is eccentric and stunning and oh-so-chic.  visiting her fantastic little abode back home in canada is one of my favorite things to do.  there is art everywhere - every wall is covered. classical music delicately wafts.  the smell of antiques and books saturates the air with a slight, playful hint of the aroma of espresso.  it is like being transported to a little nook in europe.  time seems to move slower.  food seems to taste better.  life is relished.  it is a place where everything is viewed as food for the imagination.  the marek family is an artsy bunch indeed [an artist + an english prof + a photographer/videographer + an actress and crafter].  what a cool life.  they are fun to be around.  everything has an extra splash of flair.  conversation is always lively.  entertainment is assured.

lynn is heavily influenced by her experiences in europe and her artwork is simply divine.  read more about her life and style on her site


hubby and i were given this fabulous piece as a wedding gift.  ahhh, wedding.