a fresh look

i've started feeling that delicate warmth in the breeze....the one that signifies that we are on the cusp of spring.  as you have probably noticed, i have been trying to prepare for the seasonal shift.  getting organized, getting a new do, moving furniture, making lists, and planning projects.  so, i decided that it was time for a fresh take on our bedroom.  while we have thoroughly enjoyed our previous bedding set [warm orange with cream, burgundy, and chocolate brown accents.  very rich] i've been in the mood for something on the other end of the spectrum.

we have such lovely light in our bedroom.  it pours in our windows and is filtered and softened by our perfectly textured, flax-colored wool curtains which are just heavy enough to block out the painfully bright desert rays - while still allowing a warm glow to seep in.  the sunlight is beautifully dispersed as it playfully prances around our room with a luminous and sprightly exuberance. i was inspired by this light to lighten the color palette in our room while maintaining a welcoming warmth.  so, i opted for some monochromatic bedding [cream and taupe and flax and ecru].  this provided more contrast against our dark wood and leather headboard.  it also blended somewhat seamlessly with the drapes, walls, lamps, and carpet.  a pleasantly fresh color story of nuanced beige to serve as a soothing base for our room.

i have also bee inspired by pops of color.  from jcrew's new spring line [yes, i am accepting donations to my spring wardrobe fund.  i am going for one of each from the lookbook so make sure to give generously people] to pins on pinterest, i have been craving vibrant hues.  what's a girl to do?  i needed to find a way to juxtapose the serene and soft with the bold and bright.  i wanted something subtle and lovely with strategic bursts of lively pigment.  so, i decided to start by utilizing elements that were already in my possession.  i cleared out the clutter and added some glamour to our dresser by displaying my perfume bottles, bracelets, and wedding bouquet.  then, i headed over to my jewelry nook and gave it a makeover.  instead of simply storing my favorite pieces, i thought that it would be a fun idea to feature them.  i grabbed all my favorite jewels and put them up on the wall. voilà!  bursts of color!  no purchase necessary.  i just put some of my favorite items on display.  my own personalized collage of glitz and baubles.

the final touches.  since i was working with a subtle monochromatic backdrop, the fun would be in the details.  i wanted to add some visual interest to the bed to create a true focal point.  to do so i went to the linen closet and grabbed a few of my friends, the throw pillows.  then, i borrowed a bright yellow pillow from downstairs to complete the motif.  in this case, my superfluous pillow purchasing compulsion really paid off!  i love decorative pillows and when i see something fabulous, i can't resist the urge to scoop it up.  hubby can attest that i always have extra on hand.  that way, i can mix-and-match to create new looks whenever i want.  [it is my theory that throw pillows are to home decor what jewelry is to fashion] all i have to do is head to the closet and do some shopping from my own private stash.  now that i think about it...this is actually a good tip: pick up random do-dads along the way that inspire you and then hold onto them.  create a private shopping stash.  then, you can pull out those gems at a later date when the mood strikes.  you can even have private shopping swaps with friends to acquire new items without buying a thing!

lastly, i printed some of our favorite pictures, locations, and inspirations to create customized wall art.  this just required a few frames and nails and a whole lot of help from hubby to get each picture "just so" on the wall.  now, we have a unique arrangement of prints, botanicals, balloons, antique doors, european streets, seagulls, scenes from canada, and california sunset landscapes.  plus, any time i get bored or inspired afresh, all i have to do is print some new images to give the wall a facelift and to bring a new spirit to the room.

we are quite pleased with the end result.  and it only took a couple of purchases and some artful switcheroos to get the job done.  say hello to a fresh bedroom for spring!