what a man

not to brag, but i have the best hubby ever.  he encourages me and prays for me.  he reads the Bible to me every morning and every night.  he listens to my rants and nods along.  he cooks yummy meals for me.  he runs errands.  he hugs me.  he actually enjoys my idiosyncracies and is amused by my "turbo mode" [that is when the switch is flipped to "on" and i am just tunnel-visioned and in the zone.  it can be a scary sight to behold]  he takes the dogs to potty.  he cleans up my messes in the kitchen [i tend to go a bit overboard with dishes and utensils when i am cooking] he is just so helpful and sweet to me.  i am very blessed. exhibit a.  i recently got into a turbo cleaning mode where i cleaned all the nooks and crannies of our home.  then, suddenly, i was over it.  the turbo charge had worn off and i was ready to spend the afternoon relaxing.  however, i had overlooked the finishing touch of the house cleaning process...the vacuuming.  after you clean, you just have to vacuum.  you need the lines in the carpet to signify your successful completion of the task.  the smell of pine-sol alone will not cut it.  you must have the carpet lines.  sensing my mood, my ever-watchful hubby swiftly grabbed the dyson and came to the rescue.  my hero.

oh, the glorious carpet lines!  just look at my man in action. you gotta love a guy who appreciates lines in the carpet as much as you do.  he is a good one.