contemplations of mr. charles

good day, fine readers.  today i would like to discuss a passage that my mom has been reading to me a lot.  philippians 2:14 "do all things without grumbling or questioning"

now this bible passage begs a quite apropos question...why?  [yes, i realize that i am questioning the passage about questioning] isn't it enough that i obey and do what i am supposed to do?  why do i have to do it with a good attitude as well?  for example, mom will ask me to sit.  i will eventually acquiesce.  but sometimes, i don't really want to.  i do it.  but, i don't want to do it.  and on those occasions when i am not inclined to sit, i feel it is important that she knows i am not exactly thrilled to be obeying.  again, i will sit because i want to obey and be called a "good boy" but it doesn't mean that i have to go down without a fight.  right?

mom thinks it is a good idea to use a visual to prove the point.  so, here is a video of one of said "sit" interactions of late.

[vimeo w=520&h=400]

[yes, yes.  i know i am quite dashing]

please note that i did, indeed obey.  but mom seems to think that this doesn't count.  in fact, right after she recorded this little video, she looked over at dad and said, "isn't that a perfect visual representation of that verse about grumbling?!"  her observations continued thusly...

charlie is the ultimate grumbler.  he does what he is asked to do, but always has to get in the grumbles under his breath.  he will sigh and stomp his feet and squiggle and squirm.  he will eventually obey. but never without some huffing and puffing.  how often do i do this in the course of a day?  i am asked to do something and while i will do it - i try to fit in a few remarks on the side or dramatic sighs.  how often do i do that with God?  He asks me to trust Him and obey...but i want to do what i want to do.  i want to be in control and do it when i want to do it - how i want to do it.  questioning questioning.  He shows me the way to go and directs my steps but i shuffle my feet, kick up dust, and meander a bit.  grumbling grumbling. 

it isn't enough to "just do it".  it isn't as easy as outwardly obeying.  God looks at the heart.  sometimes i do things just to say that i obeyed, perhaps because i am trying for a tasty treat or that "attaboy" from my Master.  but, again, that isn't true obedience.  the Lord looks at the heart.  the heart must be inclined toward Him and obedient - without a grumbling spirit.

okay.  i see your point mom.  i need to work on obedience with a cheerful heart instead of just doing things for the treats or pats on the head.  i can't sit on the outside while my heart is standing tall in defiance on the inside.  i guess i should work on my grumbles.

i hope that my display of the grumbles has helped to elucidate this passage of scripture.  i know that my mom has learned a lot.  class dismissed.