truly scrumptious*

* i hope everyone got that reference.  one of my very favorite movies. i always feel a little sad coming out of the holiday season.  no more bright lights and shiny bulbs.  no more festive food.  no more food comas.  no more tins of fudge and Christmas cookies. now, it is just all talk of "a new year" and "resolutions" which we all know is just code for "time to eat celery and drop some pounds!"  lame.

and, grocery shopping at whole foods only exacerbates the problem.  every aisle is freshly stocked with master cleanse ingredients, flavorless puffs of air, kidney detox capsules, hemp seed whozeewhatzee, your pure life NOW books, and kombucha wonder tonics. what makes matters worse is the stark contrast from just a few weeks earlier.  these same aisles, not so long ago, were chock-full of cranberries, stuffing ingredients, pumpkin pie mix, pastries, bread, and sparking juices. now, the sight is just depressing.  seaweed chips.  ick.

now, don't get me wrong.  i love healthy food.  i love new health trends.  i will always plop the newest, coolest wonder whatever into my cart while hubby and i are shopping.  i'm not anti-vegetables or anti-hemp seed.  in fact, i embrace the somewhat bizarre.  i just don't want to be bombarded by it while i am still in a somewhat holly-jolly mood.  plus, have you noticed that health food is kinda ugly looking?  sure, fresh veggies can be vibrant and lush.  but, something like flax oil isn't exactly a visual treat.  food on the shelves in january just lacks that certain luster of the holiday goodies.

and that is why i so look forward to valentine's day.  ahh, the happiness of brightly colored candy and sweet treats that once again grace the shelves and displays of grocery stores.

so, i was a very happy girl this week.  after navigating my cart through the hoards of health-seekers, hippies, vegans, and detox diet junkies at whole foods, my eyes settled on a fantastic sight.  colored sugar!

look how pretty! 

chocolates and frosted cupcakes and sprinkles and gummy candies and jellybeans!  it makes me smile.