3 men & a little lady

this has been a week of flashbacks.  first, i got to spend time with gals from high school and college years and then yesterday, hubby got in on the action.  ben's college roommate spencer from the good ol' days at rice [he was also hubby's best man in our wedding.  ahhh...wedding] was in town on business so we got to spend some time with him sunday night.  spencer brought his hilarious and quirky brother ryder along for the ride. [p.s. quirky doesn't even begin to accurately describe ryder.  he is really something...] so, it was me and the guys.  there was good food [of course there was] and frozen yogurt and games and laughter...so much laughter.  plus, many moments of eye-rolling from moi.  good times.

heading out to pick up the boys + dinner at culinary dropout + this place has the best décor. a swanky, hip, edgy yet chill vibe.  look at that purple textured wall with those chandeliers!  come on. + ryder & spencer + pretzel and provolone fondue + mojo fro yo [don't loathe me too much for typing "fro yo".  it rhymes. just go with it] + trivial pursuit pop culture dvd + a series of photos with coco and charlie happily making their way around the table, from lap to lap.  watching the game pieces and napping as they went.  the buddies love when we have guests over.  new laps to sit on!

oh yes, and here are those laughter and eye-rolling shots.  courtesy of yours truly.