the saturday evening post

isn't it so much fun to get together with friends?  especially ones that you have known for a long time...

this week, i was blessed to be able to do just that.  betwixt all of our busy schedules packed with work, appointments, husbands, home, tasks, errands, travel, and children [eek! my childhood friends have children!] we were able to carve out a bit of time to spend being girls.

first, i met up with my dear friend kate.  she is a NH girl but traveled to TX to attend baylor [sic 'em bears!].  we spent four years together in waco.  studying, laughing, learning about life, and having a blast!  then, she got married and ended up in the desert - with me!  kate and i enjoyed a leisurely afternoon lunch date at chloe's.  then, it was off for some browsing [and let's be honest - buying] at jcrew.  we chatted and giggled and had a splendid time.

then, i met up with hallie.  a childhood friend who still likes being my buddy - even after all the weird years of pubescent drama followed by high school growing pains and then college growth.  she is married now and has an almost four-year-old! [again, eek!]  a darling little man named peyton.  we munched on yummy food at picazzo's while reminiscing, sharing our lives with each othe, and discussing the future...i can't believe our 10 year hs reunion is this year.  [yikes]  what a great day.

the lovely fresh, organic gardens at picazzo's + the lovely hallie [who is a total crossfit stud-ette, by the way.  AND an incredible mama to a four-year old.  she is so impressive.  what a rockstar friend, have i] + a very tasty italian chopped salad with meat and cheese and garbanzo beans and pepperoncinis [yum] + bbq chicken pizza on buttery garlic crust

thank God for friendships and new memories with old friends.