snaps & snippets & blurbs

this was an especially delightful weekend.  here are some selected snaps.

 starting weekend a few hours early.  there's nothing better than leaving work early on a friday! + hubby & happiness + the buddies savoring the rare extra minutes of lap time in the afternoon + bringing out my springtime bag for date night + heading out for a double date with their sweet little girl + yup.  true food.  again + eco-chic design elements + the lively atmosphere + dinner with friends plus miss marley...who was such a sweetheart enjoying her iPad entertainment [a fabulous restaurant lifesaver for parents, by the way] + our tablescape: menu, iPad, puffed snacks, and playthings + local veggie crudités + bison burger with parm and mushrooms with sides of kale salad and hash + a post-dinner stroll with the stroller + saturday morning tradition - coffee from matador coffee roasters + charlie faces & coco faces during a lazy day + spinning some them crooked vultures on penelope while making dinner + just a little something ben whipped up:  burgers with hatch chiles and cheddar and bacon, spicy sweet potato wedges, harissa ketchup.  my hubby is quite the guy [and yes, that makes two nights in a row of burgers] + traditional harpsichord meets the modern iPad.  now that's my kind of blended church service.  another reason why i love cbc + eye spy, with my little eye...a charlie!  taking the buddies on a little car ride to visit my dad with charlie eagerly awaiting our arrival in the backseat +  a perfect arizona day + some post-church lunch with dad at the greene house + chatting and eating some goo-ood food together + hearing about dad's life while mom is away visiting grandma in the great white north + miss sadie may - the ridley beagle + hanging out with the buddies + charlie, keeping an eye on things for us.  he is such a good guard dog + finishing up the weekend with some couch time, tea sipping, and family cuddles


see you soon, dear weekend