the saturday evening post

a very happy saturday to you.  and a very merry unbirthday to you as well.  it is simply glorious outside!  i can feel a spring in my step because spring is in the air.  we are only a few short weeks from the official start of the new season and i am ready!  in addition to some outdoor and culinary pursuits...i am hoping to tackle my closet and begin the seasonal switchover this weekend.  i will be saying toodle-oo to my tweed and wool and welcoming bright colors, lighter fabrics, and even some floral prints.  farewell warm wardrobe, you have served me well.  but, the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things - of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings and why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings.  it has been too long, spring fashion pieces.  too long, indeed.  welcome back to my closet, my fantastic friends.  how i have missed you.

what a lovely time of year!  it almost makes one feel giddy.  while i do enjoy the cooler air, i am ready for the warmth to return.  but please, arizona, not too hot.  keep it pleasantly tepid for a while.  none of that hundred degree nonsense.  don't let's be silly.

so here's to a weekend filled with laughter, family, friends, food, fresh groceries, a spot of tea, spring-cleaning, relaxation, and a dash of silliness.

* for some reason i was in a lewis carroll, alice in wonderland sort of mood during the writing of this post.  it just happened.  [i suppose this is that dash of silliness that i mentioned]