spice up your life

hubby and i like to cook at home.  yes, we do have fun on date nights on the weekend...but mostly, we enjoy creating meals from scratch in our own kitchen.  we plan out the week of recipes and then search the markets for interesting ingredients.  we have our staples, sure.  but we also like to try new things.  and we love flavor and spice. in fact, we always add a dash [or two] of herbs and spices to every dish we make.  basil, chili powder, cumin, coriander, dill, fresh ginger, oregano, paprika, rosemary, sage, thyme, and tumeric.  whatever it takes to make the dish sing.

i guess my southwestern livin' has been really inspiring me because lately, i have been loving all things spicy.  hubby and i have been consuming a lot of hatch chiles and peppers.  yum.  my personal favorites?

ben's spicy pepper black beans with quinoa

a favorite snack - crave canyon's [local company!] hatch chile and aged cheddar popcorn

fresh chile nachos with habanero salsa

vosages [sugar free!] chocolate with peppers and cinnamon

hubby's homemade roasted pepper salsa

pita jungle's chicken del sol with plenty of warmth and heat from cumin and peppers

hubby's a.maze.ing. huevos rancheros with chorizo beans and smoky salsa

lush burger's hatch chile burger with pepperjack cheese

eggs with chile and chipotle crumble [and cheese, of course]


take some time this weekend to get creative, enjoy some meals at home, and add some spice to your life.