snaps & snippets & blurbs

ahhh...what a perfect little long weekend.  although, long weekends are never quite long enough for me...there is always was too much fun to be had!  as you can tell by the large collection of snaps to follow, we had a full weekend.  music and food and lounging and british theater and shopping and smiling...and more food.  we even enjoyed an impromtu dessert double date with friends!  i love when fun little surprises pop up!  what an adventure.

headed out for date night + the lovely arizona scenery +  walking side by side, hand in hand + valentines dinner at our favorite guessed it...citizen public house + the bustling atmosphere + hubby's favorite cocktail + fondue for two + happy faces + alexander mcqueen brass knuckles clutches that hubby and i spotted while wandering through nordstrom. yes please! + the decadent and unique chocolate truffles from vosages...we saved a box for our weekend valentines celebration.  they are so good. + downton abbey.  our latest obsession.  it is like the posh version of soap operas.  so addicting.  [watching this just reminded me that we need to start planning a trip to england.  very soon] + sassy faces + hubby practicing his violin for his sunday offertory at church + our cool find at whole foods...vibrant and bizarre-o broccoli + more happy faces + a cute little coco face + more sassy faces + attending an orchestra concert for the finest youth musicians in the district + ben's sister faith and her cello + having fun recapping the music + a post-concert stop at bosa donuts + a very happy hubby.  that smiling face is because he is holding two bags to go [those donuts are unreal] + a highlight of our downtime...those two cute faces from mr. charles and hubby staring back at me