the party continues...

as you noticed, we didn't just honor hubby's birthDAY, we extended the hoopla into a full-fledged weekend fête.  so, when my family asked us last week to pick a good day for the "ridley version" of ben's b-day, we figured, why try to cram it into an already jam-packed weekend?  let's just spread out the fun as long as possible!  and so, we did. last night, the whole crew gathered at bourbon steak at the princess resort in scottsdale  to revel once again.

hubby and i snapping some pics and playing a bit before heading out + ahh...the princess + admiring the fabulous bourbon steak sign [so swanky] + just when hubby thought he was getting busted out the readers and mini light in order to read his menu.  it was pretty hilarious + mom looking gorgeous in her new ralph lauren sweater coat + trio of duck fat fries with complimentary dipping sauces = crispy, savory perfection + hubby's truffle overload burger. yum + more birthday gifts: super-cool running shoes and records galore! [the white stripes, them crooked vultures, radiohead] + plenty of laughter and sassy faces + hubby looking handsome

well.  that should just about wrap up the 30th b-day.  and now, hubby and i will be taking a break from burgers for a bit.