the saturday evening post

oh man.  does that picture make you want an ice cream sundae [or float or milkshake] or what?  ahhh...old fashioned ice cream parlors.  but alas, i still have 35 days left of sugar-free-ness [but who's counting?]

on a more positive note, it is so warm and amazing here!  the sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.  in fact, i am even trying to plan some pool time in the coming weeks.  i might as well embrace the warmth by sitting poolside while listening to music and reading a book.  yet another part of the year when i am reminded of how blessed i am to live in arizona.  we get to wear shorts while others are wearing snowshoes.  i take my desert existence for granted.  we have it pretty good.

this weekend, i have big plans to cook some good food, do some laundry, go for a run with ben, and give the dogs a bath.  ahhh...the simple wonders of the weekend.  it isn't all about fêtes and feasts. sometimes the swanky and dapper life [nice blog name dropping, rachel] is just about enjoying the little things.  the mundane tasks.  the weekly chores.  the domestic doings that make up a big part of life.

join me in savoring all the little bits of your weekend and finding adventure in the ordinary.