ladies who lunch. part 2

i have enjoyed quite the social calendar this week!  what a treat to get to spend two back-to-back lunches away from the office and in the company of friends.

it has been a few weeks since my last lunchtime get-together with hallie-o-doll [last seen here] so we were due for another one.  this time, we met for burgers at lush [last seen here].  and don't judge. it has been almost a week since my last burger...

they have the most scrumtrulescent burger - the ahi tuna burger.  [not that fish can truly be considered a real burger...] and i get it with quinoa patties to make it that much more incredible [and healthy...huzzah!]

so, hallie and i pretty much just stuffed our faces.  yes, we talked during that time too.  but all in all, it is pretty much a burger-blur.  a very good burger-blur.  and have i mentioned those truffle fries?  wowza.  i figured that i deserved a few fries since i had to decline the menu's nefarious beckoning for me to cave and get the oreo milkshake.  i abstained from the sugary goodness [yup, i am feeling the lent pain now]

it is so nice to have friends who not only enjoy good conversation and plenty of laughter...but who really like their food.  it just makes life more savory.  it is especially delightful to have friends who really appreciate cuisine like burgers and bacon and fries and milkshakes...oops, there i go again, just prattling on about food...

what i am trying to say is that i love it when good friends and good food collide.  it is always a good time.  happy friday!