that's right.  hubby is 30.  and we did it up right.  here are some [okay, a ton] of my favorite snaps from the merrymaking this past weekend.  with plenty of toothsome fare, hullabaloo, and mirth.  get ready for the longest pictorial post ever.  i will do my best to narrate so you can share in each moment, fully.

we kicked things off friday night with a fun and oh-so-hip dinner at lush burger

cow-hide chairs in a burger shop  +  hubby was super excited to dig in  +  i opted for the tuna burger with quinoa patties, asian slaw, spicy peanut sauce, and goat cheese  +  hubby went for the beef with green chiles.  also, yum  +  truffle fries.  all fries should be truffled.









the festivities continued on saturday. we relaxed throughout the day and then got ourselves dressed up for a date night at citizen public house. our mostest favoritest place. full stop.

look at my handsome hubby. looking exceptionally dapper this evening + he is just so happy to be at cph! + fondue with sausage, crusty bread, and pears for dipping. and that is classified as a "snack" on the menu. [and that is why i love this place] + the most perfectly delicious dish i think i have ever had. plus, it was gluten-free [which technically makes it a health food] + our entrée. decadent meatloaf with veal demi glace and mushroom cream + i wish i could have shared a picture of the most amazing dessert ever [donut bread pudding with coffee ice cream] but we devoured it too quickly. sorry.


sunday. the real birthday.

i spent the better part of the day creating the official 30th b-day cake + hubby and i sporting our favorite plaid shirts and having some fun in the kitchen at the whitehouse home + ginger ale taste testing + cooking together to prepare miscellaneous sliders, sides, and sauces + the beautiful chopped salad + everyone enjoying all the flavor combos and their own unique slider creations + a nostalgic slide show of ben's life thus far + opening presents! cookies, a photo album, and new [old] records to add to our collection [penelope will be so happy to have new friends] + blowing out the candles + indulging in the yellow butter cake with brown butter rum frosting [pretty darn good, if i do say so myself]

we really did it up right and ate everything in sight. just the way it should be. what a great birthday weekend. i just love birthdays! happy 30th, hubby. i am so honored and thrilled to share this life with you. here's to many-many more birthdays - together. and i must say, of all the husbands out there - you really take the cake [wink]