school's out for summer

on monday, we celebrated elinor's last day of preschool, complete with a "very hungry caterpillar" party. she's not sure how she feels about all this summer break business, though.

on one hand:

mama, i am really going to miss all my classmates. summer is a long time! will i get to see ms. stacey?

and on the other hand:

ugh, i am really glad i get a summer break from school. i do some really hard stuff at school. (me: really hard stuff? what kind of really hard stuff?) oh, you know...hard stuff...stuff that’s tricky. (me: hard stuff that’s tricky liiiiiiike?) tricky stuff, mama. like cutting paper.

so, there you have it. summer break. the best of times and the worst of times. bittersweet for sure. i am looking forward to getting more time with elinor over the next few months. and i know ridley is excited about it. he misses his playmate during the day. i hope we can enjoy a nice mix of memory-making events and quiet days around the house just savoring the simple stuff like coloring and reading and splashing and swinging and cooking (elinor really wants to help cook everything, at the moment). here's to longer days ahead. sunshine and all the sunshine-y things that summertime brings.

p.s. still can't get over the fact that i have a child on "summer break". 

p.p.s. here's a post from elinor's first day of preschool. please note the expressions.

xo. madame