life lately, with the (not so) little ones


elinor is four and a half

elinor's last day of preschool is monday. then, summer break. that's right. summer break. i have a child who is old enough for summer break. she has a little crew of friends (such a social life!) and brought home her first official progress report for the year. practically a teenager. she surprises and delights me DAILY with the things she is picking up and the concepts that she is intentionally working to learn and master. it's amazing to be a witness and participant and guide. 


ridley is two next month

what happened there? RIGHT?! our little prince is turning two and let me tell you...he is coming into his own. he's such a blast. so intense and determined yet sweet and snuggly and loving. he runs around like a wild man and loves cars and trains and building things and digging in the dirt and splashing in water. he is go-go-go and then crashes into my lap for a little recharge and snuggle fix. popping up within five minutes to take on the world afresh. and what a ham! an endless source of silly sound effects and gestures, especially at mealtime.


these two are quite the pair. i love watching them together and seeing their relationship grow. elinor is so proud of her little brother and shows him off every chance she gets. she gives him such earnest hugs and daily squishes his cheeks while reminding him that he is such a handsome boy. ridley shrugs it off with a "nooooooooo, el-in-ahs" but you can tell that he loves it. ridley LOVES his big sister. he mimics her and messes with her and genuinely enjoys her company. he's a total trooper as elinor dresses him up in crazy ensembles and parades him around the house. and they totally have each other's backs. they share their toys (most of the time...) and make sure that the other one has his/her blanket or water whenever we leave the house. they are so attentive. so kind. so loyal. so hilarious.

i am looking forward to our summer adventures. lots of sunshine and cooking and picnic-ing and swimming and music and all around delight.

happy friYAY, friends!

xo. madame