recent rectangles

car selfies are the best selfies. there's just something about that lighting, i suppose. of course, it does mean that the rockstar selfie is photobombed by car seats. ALSO! taking hair recommendations. thinking about some chunky rose gold additions? HELP! i am in the mood for change. send inspo.

afternoon light + mother's day roses. ben has been bringing home / buying pretty flowers just because and i LOVE it. isn't everything better with pretty blooms? i think flowers are my thing. house plants are definitely not my thing. i might be a flowers gal. buy a bouquet. feed and water for a week. enjoy the ride. then, onto the next. and the beautiful thing is...that's the point! that's the expectation! no one expects bouquets to last for forever. a week, tops. and if you can manage to make them stretch longer than that, you're a hero! that's my tempo. that's my style. flower bouquets.

new favorite weekend activity alert! goodies from uprooted kitchen + breakfast wine. we have been grabbing some baked goods and breakfast dishes from uprooted and pairing them with scrumptious and seasonally perfect breakfast wine. BREAKFAST WINE! a fabulous spin on a mimosa. local white wine (or rosé) from garage east meets agritopia farm fresh fruit like peaches and grapefruit. it's delightful. 

vintage specs. feeling all the gucci girl feels right now.

adding to my lip stash in a #betterbeauty way. you know i am all about a pop of color on the pout. and i am crushing on these lip sheers. great for everyday wear and buildable for more of a statement lip. a girl can never have too many lip colors!

and let's just close on this note, shall we? these two. just being adorable. so much attitude. so much personality. so much of all my favorite things. they are such buds and they crack me up daily. what a fun and busy and beautiful season.

happy thursday, friends!

xo. madame