on citizenship

i wrote this mini essay on C I T I Z E N S H I P 🇺🇸 and shared it on my instagram on election day.

with the votes tallied and the new president elected, more than ever, now is the time to LOVE. to stand in the gap. to shine brightly. to come alongside. to fight the good fight. no country is perfect. no government is perfect. no leader is perfect. we pray for our leadership and we pray that the PEOPLE will come together, that the people will unite and serve their fellow man IN LOVE.

most of you may not know that i am currently going through the naturalization process to obtain my US citizenship. so this election season has been interesting to watch. and especially on this election day, i have been considering this idea of citizenship. as US citizens, it is your right, privilege, and duty to VOTE. but regardless of passport, ultimately, i am a citizen of heaven. as such, it is my right, privilege, and duty to LOVE. i may not have a ballot - i may not be able to cast my vote - but i can always love. and especially on this day, at the culmination of this divisive election - let us love. let us love our neighbor. as votes are cast and polled and broadcast and counted. as representatives are chosen, let us choose love. let us be passionate but peaceful. love your neighbor. whether you vote based on rhetoric or policy. character or party. issues or history. promises or record. right or left. man or woman. blue or red. be considerate. be thoughtful. be kind. LOVE. consider your neighbor as you engage in this democratic process. it may not be perfect, but it’s a honor to be a participant - to have a voice. so today especially, use your voice. cast your vote. speak in love. consider those who are desperate to see that eagle and stars and stripes emblazoned on their passport. consider the present state of the union. consider the future of america. your children. your children’s children. your votes matter. for your city, for your state, for the country. for your family. brothers and sisters in blue. black or white. rainbow. immigrants. the unborn. the women. the men. the veterans. the public servants. the private sector. home and abroad. church and state. vote for you. vote for me. vote for them. vote for us. and above all, let us LOVE.