elinor turns four

on november 4, our little peanut turned four. we celebrated her golden birthday all over town. we enjoyed a breakfast of her choosing at home. there were donuts of her choosing for her preschool class. there was a trip to grab tea and macarons (also, her choice). and then to cap it off, a birthday brunch with family. complete with coffee cake.

our little peanut. with her wild wispy curls. that signature scrunched button nose. that delightful dimple. she's spirited and bold. she's unabashedly herself. she's quirky and charming. she's effervescent and silly. she's curious. she's thoughtful. she's smart and witty. she's interesting and entertaining. she loves to dance. she loves to mimic. she loves to draw. she loves to make pictures and cards and give them to family and friends, just because. she makes her brother laugh like nothing and no one else. she's exhausting. she's tough. she challenges. she pushes. she's a noise maker. she's a dreamer. she is tough yet sensitive. she loves the color pink. she's opinionated and determined. she's a square peg. she's confident. she loves Jesus. she loves hard. she is joyful and hopeful. she just keeps getting better.

happy birthday, sweet girl. you are so loved. we are so grateful for the great gift of your life. keep shining!

xo, your family

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