mademoiselle elinor’s deuxième anniversaire

elinor's 2nd bday fete on tuesday evening, we hosted a festive fete for family to celebrate elinor's second birthday. we served up some croissants and cheese and decaf coffee and chocolates...topped off with ben's homemade french vanilla macarons. a delightful way to honor the birthday girl.

it was such a sweet evening and wow, elinor's family sure went over-the-top with the presents. quite the collection of her favorite things. a flashy future engineer toy, a bike, books, a soft stuffed monkey, a tea set, building blocks, a princess ballerina tutu, clothes, shoes, a smattering of snacks, a party dress for her bebe and a stroller for her too! it was really something. ben and i bought her a play kitchen that couldn't arrive until the day after her birthday, but after all that craziness, we decided to tuck it away in the closet and save it until Christmas morning. there's only so much fun a two year old can take. whew. this kid is so loved and spoiled and blessed to have such wonderful and generous people in her life. our family prays for her and celebrates her and plays with her and loves to do things to make her smile. and boy, was she smiling a lot on her birthday. i couldn't ask for anything more.

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