hanging out over on "hey ho away we go"


an old one and one of my forever favorite ones

today, i am honored and delighted to participate in my friend kate davis' series, "feeding baby" over on her blog. aren't collaborations the bestest? i met kate on instagram a year or so ago (maybe more?) and we have been appropriately stalking each other ever since. kate and her husband, cooper, live in tucson so whenever we can plan a road trip or when the travel stars align near phoenix, we arrange a meet up for some good grub and baby time. and uplifting conversation too. but back to that baby...she has the sweetest little darling of a son. if you fancy, head on over to kate's blog hey ho away we go and read not only my piece on breastfeeding elinor, but dig in and read up on her life a bit.

thanks for having me, kate!

oh, and if you like pictures of tasty food and travels and fabulous hair and cute couples and adorable babies then make sure to follow her on instagram too. she is at @mydearestmydarling.