taking stock | october's end

  |making| space in the living room for the Christmas tree. 'tis the season! |cooking| up some menu ideas for thanksgiving. |drinking| tea and mineral water. |reading| elinor's new birthday books. they are great. |wanting| the weather to majorly cool off. give me a good 30 degree dip, please. |looking| to the Lord. |playing| card games with ben while sipping wine and listening to vinyl. |wasting| water. |sewing| still what i said last time. |wishing| for more hours in the day. |enjoying| coffee. quiet time. fuzzy blankets. |waiting| for santa. too soon? |liking| afternoon light. |wondering| about how many cookies i will consume this holiday season. i am already setting records. |loving| our new dining table. |hoping| that hubby can get out of work early so he has time to make a much-anticipated meal. |marveling| at how much elinor has grown and changed in the last year. |needing| to just get down to business and potty train. |smelling| cinnamon. |wearing| a top knot and sweatshirt dress. |noticing| all the penciled in events on our family calendar. |knowing| that God is good. |thinking| too much. about too many things. |feeling| content and hopeful. |bookmarking| old martha stewart and real simple magazines. |opening| the door for the delivery man. |giggling| at elinor's jokes.

past post here.  and feel free to join in and take stock.