happy second birthday, elinor grace whitehouse

IMG_0390 IMG_0389 IMG_0388 happy second birthday, sweet girl. i was going to commemorate the day by posting a professional posed shot of you but these were way better. just you...being sassy and enjoying your food. perfect.

two years. two years together as our little family. what an adventure. what a dream. what a challenge. what a delight. "for this child, we have prayed." you are our precious gift from God, little girl. you are curious and careful and exact and bold and loud and strong and tenderhearted. and that darling dimple. we even like your cheeky ways. so much personality in such an itty-bitty peanut.

you have brought a remarkable dose of cheer and fun and surprise to our family. you keep us on our toes and on our knees - and what a great place to be. we pray that you continue to shine brightly. that your strong spirit carries on. we pray that your heart will be inclined toward God and toward the needs of others. we pray that you will make a strong confession of faith at an early age. that you grow in strength and beauty, that your love for Christ and desire for His truth deepens. may you thirst for knowledge and wisdom and righteousness. may you strive for holiness. may you be fearless because you are confident in who you are in Christ. may you do great and wonderful things. may you honor your Heavenly Father and bring delight to your parents and those around you.

you are a blessing from above and we love you so.

happy birthday, elinor grace. now lets party!

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...i will be back with a formal dear peanut letter and some snaps from her bday fête