and just like that...six months have flown by!

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* just a few of the most recent squares of life that i have shared on social. feel free to go down the rabbit hole by clicking on the instagram button below.

well, well, well.

where to begin? a half of a year can really fly by, eh? and speaking of "eh"... i think i have to drop that now that i am officially a US citizen! that's right. my last post on this blog was about citizenship and fast forward six months...i'm in! 

i feel like i owe you an apology for the inexplicable silence. what can i say? life, man. we have been living a lot of life. and life has been living a lot of us. i hope that you have been following along on instagram for some visuals of our le quotidien. but i know that some of you are true readers. and there has been a major word void. for that, i apologize. and honestly, i have missed this space. this outlet. this soapbox. this community. 

i know that the blogosphere is changing. readers are being replaced by viewers. the written word being replaced by videos. and some of that is exciting. some of that is also a bit of a bummer. i do not think that i am destined for youtube stardom. nor do i have plans to switch to vlogging. i have never come to the blog to make money or simply "create content" so fortuately, i don't have to go the way of the "industry". i don't have to keep up. this space is mine, ours, yours. and i am grateful for that. i am honored to share with you and serve you in this space. this space has always been my online journal. truly, snaps and snippets and blurbs of my life - of our life. and while social sharing on platforms other than blogs has become "the thing", i know there is value in this space. for thought sharing and encouragement. for chronicaling our everyday. 

while the format and frequency of sharing might evolve with life (isn't that kind of the point?), this dear, sweet blog (and you all! my dear, sweet friends and loyal and persistent and encouraging consumers of written/typed words) will continue to grow and change and expand and adapt and learn. thanks for sharing this space and this journey with me. thanks for your emails and messages and comments on instagram. thanks for your calls and sweet nudges. i am hoping that this unintended stepping away will result in a refreshed approach. a different perspective. a renewed excitement. 

here's to finding magic in the mundane. to choosing joy. to finding and creating beauty.

i have some ideas swirling in my head. i am feeling inspired and excited. i am ready for new things. and i would love to hear from you! what would you like to see and read? i hope to get the mister to write more pieces here. i hope to collaborate and feature more from the awesome community of women that i am blessed to know. and of course, i have some giveaways and meet-ups in the works. i might even do some beauty tutorials or healthy life education pieces...heck, many of you have asked for a recipe e-book. the sky's the limit!

here's to a new season...even if it's summer in AZ. eek! but hey, our box of french rosé just arrived so we are summer ready! 

xo. madame