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hello again, monday! thanks for bringing a fresh start along with you.

jeepers. the weeks are flying by at an alarming rate, lately. is it just me? it is going to be christmas again in a flash. not that i'm complaining. that sounds perfectly lovely.

so, about last week... it was kind of a big one. elinor started preschool. ben and i were busy doing all the things. ridley was busy running around the house with his beloved soccer ball. by the time saturday rolled around, we were ready for a little leisure time. okay, a lot of leisure time. and rather fortuitously, the olympics started. YAY! needless to say, we spent much of the weekend just lounging and munching and cheering on the athletes. elinor has been inspired to work on her tumbling skills. and she even surprised us with a high dive-esque move off the couch. she's really getting into the spirit of the games.

in spite of the activity of the week, we are feeling rather rested. it is amazing what some down time and coffee and family gatherings and unstructured play and cooking and sabbath worship...and a catnap* will do to refresh the mind/body/spirit.

so, let us raise our mugs of coffee and cheers to a new week! possibilities. goals. plans. adventures. productivity. purpose. work and play. family and friends. and making more time for leisure.

* in my book, the only thing that beats a sporting event nap is a rainy day nap