elinor goes to preschool

IMG_7474 A  L  L  T  H  E  F  E  E  L  I  N  G  S

elinor officially started preschool this week.

she proudly packed her backpack and got dressed in her matching clothes and requested a sassy topknot for the occasion. she ate her breakfast and excitedly hopped around the house as i collected all her school things (and myself) before we hopped in the car and made our way to her preschool.




oh my goodness, she has been giddy for weeks. and on wednesday, the illusive thing called preschool became a reality. it seems like we have been talking about it for ages. the research and planning and visiting and talking...the praying. it seems like such a weighty choice. and praise God that He orchestrated everything to perfection. elinor is exactly where she needs to be and wants to be. this is going to be such a good thing for her. a splendid start to her formal education. an ideal mix of play and structure. traditional meets montessori. learning in a warm and loving and christian environment.  it is truly just right. God is good.


she is overjoyed. she is ready. all of us are ready. i am looking forward to seeing her learn and grow and blossom where she is planted. may she be fruitful. may she bring joy and light wherever she goes. may she be sharpened by others and instructed. may her mind swell with new concepts. may she be reminded of God's creativity and majesty and love. may she expand her vision of the world and soak it all in. may she be pointed to Christ in fresh ways.

is time for the arrow to leave the quiver. may she fly true. Soli Deo Gloria.