IMG_7188 a little over a week ago, we got our yoga and beer on at a bottoms up yoga & beer event at helton brewing company. SUPER FUN STUFF.

the vibe is that folks gather to move and groove on their mats and then are rewarded for all the sweating and detox with a cold beer. and the suds are extra welcome in this arizona heat, let me tell ya.








it's a way to connect the cool local craft breweries with the yoga community. and people really seem to dig it! a total win-win-win for breweries and yogis and attendees. breweries offer their brewhouse floor to thirsty desert dwellers. yoga instructors get to showcase their prowess. and the community gets to engage and learn about new local businesses and learn more about the practice of yoga in a totally chill environment.



IMG_7263 IMG_7223

IMG_7225 IMG_7224

okay, and full disclosure: BOTTOMS UP isn't just some random company... it is a bit of a family affair. my sister and her longtime friend joined forces a few months ago and roped me in too. it is such a fun concept and working on the brand and creating connections in arizona is a total blast. plus, the perks ain't too bad - yoga for me and a beer for ben. i am working on my beer drinking. beer isn't my fave but i think i have found my niche now. 

excited to be a part of this and see where it goes...

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there are events all across the valley in various breweries so if you are looking for something fun to do, i highly recommend a little BREWHAHA action. and there's one this saturday 8/13 at dubina brewing co. we would LOVE to see you!

i mean, PHOENIX NEW TIMES just named BUY&B one of the "5 best things to eat & drink this weekend" so, there's that!