oh, hello. is that you again, monday?

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so, i am not ready for it to be monday yet. the past three days have been FULL. and i could go for a few extra sunday afternoons worth of NOTHING.

right now, we seem to be living in the thick of a when it rains, it pours season. sure, there are those days when life can feel like a comedy of errors. where one mistake or unpleasant occurrence produces sixteen more. been there. but this rainy season isn't like that. it is just, rainy. drops are falling from full clouds. one after another. and in many positive ways. when i finally open myself to something, the floodgates swing open. and i am busting out my cutest umbrella and wellies to weather it. overwhelming at times but also incredibly refreshing. renewing. i have been opening myself up to new possibilities. going for it. putting myself out there more. engaging more. and it seems like when i say yes to one thing, five other things pop up too. the rain is creating many beautiful blooms. fresh opportunities. new relationships. ideas. collaborations. next steps.

this past weekend was filled with so many interesting ways for me to be inspired. motivated. to brainstorm. to plan. to kick things into gear. it left me feeling incredibly invigorated. but my brain has been spinning. i am buzzing. i am hopeful. and as always, i am prayerful.

life is wild, isn't it? and while there is so much to DO and enjoy right now, i am also working on being more intentional about our rest. gosh, i need sabbath rest. ben needs it. the kids need it. and i have let that slide. i have allowed life's distractions (good and bad) to creep in. so, hold me accountable! more quiet and restorative practices. laughter. cooking. baking. quiet. reading. games. strolls. and maybe allowing myself an afternoon nap, if i can swing it.

i hope that whatever is on your plate on this monday and for this week, that you will be encouraged that God knows your heart. He has plans for you. He holds your future. His way is best. and He always rewards diligence and perseverance and endurance and generosity.

let's do this, monday. fist bumps.