dear little prince | ten months

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IMG_1998 dear little prince,

ridley noble whitehouse! you are ten months old. would you quit it, already? we will be celebrating your first birthday in two months. and while i wish i could bottle you up and enjoy this age forever...i am also having such a blast watching you grow and can't wait to see what's next.

you add fresh sounds to your repertoire each day. sometimes, it is just copying what your sister is saying or what i am saying. but other times, it is just all you. trying out your tricks to see what sticks. your current favorite is a fish-face-bababa sound that you love to do at mealtime and with papa. it cracks him up and you laugh right back when he mimics you in reply. adorable.

and speaking of papa...that is definitely your first word. you look around and ask for papapapa (not one, but two: papa-papa) and when you are near him, your tone shifts to such a sweet sound of affection. you love your papa, that's for sure. you climb on him. you rub his prickly head. you stroke his beard (with the occasional tug). you follow him around the house. and you especially like rolling a ball or a car back-and-forth. seeing my boys together like that is the very best of the very best.

as for me, well, you seem to like me too. you like to spoil the ladies in your life with bear hugs and exaggerated open-mouthed slobber kisses. and elinor and i think you are pretty charming indeed.

you have two teeth. you nap twice a day for two hours, like clockwork. and you try to climb the stairs two at a time. it is intense, that's for sure. you are crawling all over the place. pulling yourself up on everything. cursing from place to place. strolling along with any wheeled object you can find to assist you. you now like to be plopped down on your feet instead of your bum so that you can do a little unassisted standing before slowing lowering yourself to the floor and taking off. you are getting stronger by the day. and more determined by the minute. you are even starting to walk with just one hand being held to steady you. too soon. too soon. but, i know i know, you are going places!

and speaking of teeth...the day before a tooth pops through, you are no joke. that tooth makes you angry. you yell. you kick and stomp. you arch your back and want nothing to do with anything and then the next moment, you are a little ball of cuddling in my arms. it has taken me a while to understand how to comfort you. because you don't really like to be comforted. and i get it. i am like that too. when i am annoyed with something or frustrated, i want to just sit and be quiet and not touched and maybe even, sleep it off. you do the exact same thing. you don't want people in your face or fussing over you or trying to "help". you really just want to sit with your blanket and soothe yourself for a bit. and you really love to sleep. teething ridley is like an edgy version of ridley. it's you, but louder. bossier. you yell at people. you shove people away from you. and you protest like the dickens. and then, a tooth! a wonderful tooth appears! for helping you consume MORE FOOD.

speaking of food: it's getting crazy. right now, for breakfast, you are really enjoying bread soaked in milk and topped with almond butter and hemp hearts + a banana + about a half of a cup of berries. for lunch, half an avocado and about a cup of beans or some peas. you also really like egg yolks. and overnight oats. and dinner, you eat a full portion of whatever we are eating. and most nights, you out-eat your sister. oh, and you are quite the carnivore. you LOVE turkey and chicken. like, eat an entire breast of chicken and about a cup of sliced turkey. we are saving the filet mignon for a few more years... #sendmoney

ridley man. you are the best. full stop.

all my love, your mama

okay, and there's a few more because he's just too dreamy...and i had to include one where you would see his widdle teef!


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