hump day dinner

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when your afternoon is busy-busy and everyone is ready to just chill and enjoy some food together, we usually go for a nice home-cooked meal. sitting down at our table. discussing the day while we nibble away. BUT, there are also days when your afternoon is busy-busy and everyone is ready to just chill and enjoy some food together buuuuuut there may be dirty dishes in the sink and it's 90 degrees and the last thing you want to do is tackle dishes and then cook dinner... on night's like those, we take the show on the road.

yesterday was one of those days. and instead of our regular uprooted kitchen (hello, wednesday night!) we thought ChopShop would be a nice change of pace. it turned out to be a solid choice (as ChopShop always is).

we ordered a protein bowl and a sandwich and a chicken cheese crisp... plus an extra side of sweet potato kale hash for ridley to have all to himself. we figured we could share our meals with him but with the way this kid pounds the food, it is good to have a backup (and it was gobbled up so, smart move).

after dinner we grabbed some cookies to enjoy at home and strolled around downtown chandler for a spell.




and on a slightly schmaltzy mama note: this girl of ours. she has been looking and acting like such a little lady, lately. growing and maturing and learning and changing more each day. she constantly impresses and surprises and frustrates and delights me. i love her perspective. her personality. her intelligence. her empathy. her enthusiasm. her sense of humor. it is my honor to be her mother. to have the great challenge of raising her up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. training her. encouraging her. pointing her to Jesus. breaking her will while nurturing her spirit. it is my pleasure, indeed. loving her unconditionally. i know that, for many reasons, i won't always be able to pick her up and fling her over my head. but i did it last night. and she giggled in return. and i will do it for as long as i am able and for as long as she will allow. the end.