shaaaaaake shaaaaaack

IMG_1701 IMG_1704 IMG_1705 three cheers for shake shack, hip hip hooray! it's here. it's here. it's FINALLY here. i found myself checking out flights to vegas last year so that i could get some of this tasty stuff in my belly. desperate times, people. but no need for that. shake shack is now a mere 20 minute drive. so, it goes without saying that you will be seeing WAY TOO MUCH of this place popping up in my instagram feed, on snapchat, and here on the blog.

to commemorate the grand opening, one of our very favorite families drove from tucson to enjoy an early dinner with us. now that's dedication. yet another reason why these people are the best. and since kate is pregnant and baby has been giving her a major hankering for burgers, this dinner date was perfection. burgers and fries and custard concretes, all around!

IMG_1707IMG_1702 IMG_1708IMG_1706

oh man. good stuff indeed. and the ingredients are sustainably sourced and often, locally sourced, it's essentially health food. it's the logic i use whenever i buy cookies or candy from whole foods, and i think the logic is sound.

what a lovely evening with lovely people. good food and good conversation. i need more of all of the above on friday nights. that is how you end a week and kickoff a weekend.