IMG_1721IMG_1703 oh saturday. it was filled with all the best kinds of saturdayness. spring was in the air. i woke up feeling happy and hopeful and ready for a full day. you know how some days just have an extra special wonderful feel to them? this was one of those days. i decided to skip my morning run so that i could squeeze in some extra time with my crew. a quick yoga sesh with my man. and then, saturday morning pastries paired with some good music and a little bit of backyard time.

i busted out not only a floral skirt and turquoise holographic birks, but my very best petal pink lip and a playful braid. it just felt like the right thing to do. and then, off to my final quilting class. you guuuuuuuys...i did it! i got the binding sewn on and now, i am doing a little cathartic hand-sewing at night to wrap things up. it should be really-truly-done-zo in the next day or so (and i will be sure to post a proper pic). so now, the world is my oyster! i already have at least three more projects in my mind. settle in. quilting is here to stay.


after class was done, it was time for some lunch. and not just any lunch - a birthday lunch for my sister. we decided on postino so we could sip and nosh. it was splendid. i ordered myself something pink and bubbly because i was feeling springy and celebratory. and you know that any meal that starts with sparkling rosé will be a great meal indeed. from there, it was all about the pub boards and bruschetta.

IMG_1713 IMG_1714 IMG_1710

and i managed to capture this fabulous moment where everyone looked super serious. i promise the meal was not this somber in tone...

IMG_1715 IMG_1716 IMG_1717

we wrapped up the afternoon with pie and presents back at my parents' place. and, of course, plenty of shenanigans from the little ones. the water table is a huge hit. and you're welcome for including a picture where the little ladies are wearing at least *some* clothing. elinor likes to strip down to her skivvies within two minutes of getting any water on herself. silly girl.

if saturday was any indication of how the next season of saturdays will feel, then sign me up for spring. i am digging your vibe.