jiminy cricket!

IMG_1696 IMG_1698 okay, stick with me here. cricket flour protein bars! when the good folks at exo sent me a sampler pack to try, i must admit, i wasn't sure. i mean...bugs. bugs. eating bugs. but the more i thought about it and read about it, the more i liked the idea. and once i managed to get over the mental hurdle of I AM EATING CRICKETS and actually open a package and try them out, i was quite pleased.

i mean, the protein powder-flour-whole-food-mixture that you find in most meal replacement or protein bars could be anything, really. when you grind stuff up into a fine powder, you can't tell what's going on. smart thinking, exo. way to not put the creepy-crawlies in there whole. no way, jose.

IMG_1694 IMG_1695

let's forget the crickets for a moment and talk taste and nutrition. these bars are excellent. yummy flavors with a solid back panel to boot. sounds good to me. i'm pretty sure if you lined them up next to any protein bar and conducted a blind taste test, these guys would come out on top. i think my favorite flavor is the cocoa nut. although, the crunch of the cacao nibs and nuts did freak me out for just a second...because my brain screamed CRICKETS!!!!

in addition to the tastiness, the concept behind the bars is fantastic. they are soy, dairy, grain, and gluten-free. plus, paleo and environmentally-friendly. complete. sustainable. delicious. and each bar contains 10g of protein. so, what's so great about crickets? glad you asked. check out the handy-dandy-fancy-schmancy infographic below!

1436467874551_1432674334493_HandoutCricketInfographicHorizontal-3those are some solid stats. so, i guess you could say that i am saving the planet over here. high fives. check out this rad company and hey, give them a go! they have bars with sweeter profiles and they also have some savory options like bbq, mediterranean, and curry. and if you go to their site and enter your email, you can receive discounts and receive a sampler pack of your very own for only $9.99!

thanks for the bug bars, exo. we are cricket converts.