two francophiles and their folks walked into a bistro...

IMG_1887 last week, we enjoyed a double date night with my parents at one of our very favorite spots that we DEFINITELY do not go to enough, zinc bistro. as far as fabulous vibes go, this spot is pretty much perfection.

IMG_1883 IMG_1884

we gave my parents a "dinner date at zinc bistro" for christmas last year (sheesh, almost a year ago) but we put a pin in it until after ridley's arrival. because, wine. french bistros with steak au poivre and frites almost require a bottle of wine. anything worth doing is worth doing well.

we grabbed a table in the back and spent a good couple of hours sipping medoc red and enjoying simple house salads with champagne vinaigrette and chèvre smeared croutons and swooning over rich entrees. and then, some dessert. the meal did not disappoint. and the company was the finest in town.

but, seriously. when can we do this again? i am still dreaming of that perfect steak...

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