#redcup ridiculousness


hey, crazy christians. grab yourself a cup of coffee...we need to talk for a sec.

for the folks who think that commercialism or secularism or satan is winning because starbucks opted for a simplistic red cup design this year, and then decide to act like crazy people by causing a social media stink or harassing or boycotting...to you i say, stop. just, stop.

also, bah humbug!

as a christ follower, i am SO SICK of seeing christians in the headlines for being quote-unquote outraged over the most ridiculous things. waving our banners and spouting off at the mouth and flinging our scurrilous attacks. can we please quit giving unbelievers more ammo? as christians, we are to be known for our love. not our campaigns or boycotts or outrage or being obnoxious.

a minimalistic red cup design is hardly a #waronchristmas. but you know what does fly in the face of all that christmas is about? being a jerk. being unloving toward your fellow man. acting like fools. freaking out over the tiniest infraction. being all huffy.

excuse me while i yell this: it is not starbucks' job to make the holidays what they are. a snowflake-ice skating-holly-jolly-ornament motif does not equal christmas. furthermore, it is not the job of corporations to dictate the tone of this season. furtherfurthermore, we should not expect CEOs and marketing execs and politicians and society in general to make "right" spiritual decisions and abide by the precepts of christianity. christ puts the christ in christmas. he did thousands of years ago and he still does. and he does a better job than any freaking coffee cup can do. HE IS CHRISTMAS. and no amount of decoration or lack thereof can add to or diminish that.

as christians, it is our job to act like the natal star and be so radiant and illuminating and twinkling and resplendent and incandescent that we light the way to the babe in the manger.

if you are one of the folks freaking out and acting like a maniac...then, you are right. christ is being taken out of christmas. but not by starbucks. by our actions. and yes, satan is definitely winning. because what satan wants most (especially this time of year) is for christians to act like unloving crazies. satan loves a good distraction. and heaven forbid our bickering and absurdity is what distracts from the true meaning of this season.

this is the season of love. we should be spreading joy and holiday cheer. we should be shining brightly. we should be giving generously. we should be helping those in need - the lonely, broken, hurting, abandoned. we should be enjoying the season with family and friends. we should be giving thanks. and we should be reflecting on the gift of the christ child. and hey, maybe instead of holding up our red cups in outrage and getting all grumpy that people don't say "merry christmas" anymore, we should be extravagant in our love and remarkable in our acts of kindness. and hey, maybe head to starbucks and tip your barista a ton. or buy a coffee for the harried woman in line behind you. or hold the door open and smile at the elderly gentleman who is having a hard time. or buy a pound of starbucks CHRISTMAS BLEND (irony of ironies that the number one seller of the grinch company who stole christmas is called CHRISTMAS BLEND) and bring it to the office to share with coworkers. and gosh, those are just starbucks-related acts of service! just think of the possibilities if we focused our energy on being gifts to those around us instead of looking for more sources for seasonal squabbles.

p.s. i happen to like the look of the cup. it is bright and pretty and easy on the eyes. minimalistic. calm. peaceful. serene. and good grief, charlie brown, aren't those wonderful sentiments this time of year? i know that i need a reminder or two to slow down and savor the joy and magic of the season. focusing on what matters instead of all the flash and fluff and hustle and bustle.

so, thanks, starbucks. thanks for the reminder to get my priorities straight. i always need a reality check, especially this time of year. and coffee. i can always use coffee.