elinor wears

just a few fresh items that miss elinor added to her closet recently. pieces that will work for the end of summer and carry us into the cooler days ahead (please! cooler days ahead...please.) i told myself that i was going to show some restraint until fall but who can do that when all these items are practically begging for a home! plus, baby brother has been getting new duds and our little lady has been so sweet about it. she gets so excited when ridley gets a present. most times, she understands that it is for him. but she occasionally takes the item as her own but ever-so-kindly "shares" it with him. funny girl. plus, it is back-to-school time, right? and just because she doesn't go to school quite yet, it doesn't mean she should miss out on the back-to-school shopping, right? oh my gosh. i can't wait to do that with her! and fabulous backpacks! and fresh school supplies! it makes me giddy. #nerdalert

all of that is to say, i feel like she deserved a few new things. it is delightful to watch her open "fancy things" and hug them close and smile until her eyes practically pop out of her head. it is amazing. and then! fun of all funs, she gets to mix-and-match and put together ensembles. you gotta love little girls. i totally get it, doll.