a six mile saturday on the sweatiest day of the summer

IMG_1482 IMG_1483 IMG_1484 so, remember that time i said i wasn't going to hit the pavement again until the fall...yeah, oops. i decided that as much as i love my in-livingroom setup during the week, i really need/want/like/hate/enjoy my weekly vitamin D fix mixed with runner's high. there's nothing like an outdoor run. getting the old cardio and lymph systems pumping. it feels pretty invigorating. i love working up a good sweat. lacing up and just getting some time with my earbuds in and my playlist rolling. yes, there are definitely moments when i am ready to be done. but the endorphins and cleansing that i feel after the run is over and i am at home chugging water and stretching it out, that's the good stuff. hurts so good.

plus, there is something so delightfully serene about running through the desertscape of our neighborhood park. plus plus, knowing that i have a baby to feed does wonders to keep my pace up.

on saturday, i fed the little man and got him back down for his early morning naptime...then got myself out the door and on my way. i thought it was early enough (8am, should be cool enough, right?) for it to be sunny and warm but not unbearable. bahaha! funny stuff. not only was the sun already blazing, the sticky factor was off the charts. it was all kinds of gross outside. hot and thick. i ran through it but it was so nasty. when i returned from my six miler, ben just looked at my beet red face and shook his head. i was one seriously sweaty betty. and the sweat kept pouring for a solid 20 minutes. i drank ALL THE WATER mixed with my fulvic minerals to rehydrate. i took a cool shower. i drank more water with ice on top of ice. i stood right under the ceiling fan to let the moving air do its work.

turns out saturday was some kind of record setting day. a heat advisory and everything. so, my timing is impeccable. seriously though, is it october yet?