dear little prince

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.53.20 PM dear little prince,

well, you and i have been together for 33 weeks now. though, you have been with me long before that. your papa and i have been praying for you, sweet son, for many years now. and LONG before that - before everything - your Heavenly Father knew you. He planned you. He ordained you for our family. He knows your frame and your mind and your heart. He knows just how you will fit into our home. and boy oh boy, we can't wait to discover all that too. to see what you sound like. your cries. your squeaks. the way you move. your shape. your hair color. your eye color. your nose shape and mouth. your personality and temperament. what fun we will have trying to figure it all out together. we will adjust. and we hope that you will be patient with us as we get our act together and find our groove as a family of four.

you are currently burrowed head-down in my belly. your back is all curled up along my right side with your little bum up under my ribs. you like to give me swift jabs during the day and you have kicking parties at nighttime. and the hiccups! they are hilarious. your sister didn't have many of those when she was living inside me but you - you are all about the hiccups. little rhythmic reminders that you are happy and well and doing just what you are meant to do.

i must say, we are getting kind of antsy to meet you. cute boy items keep arriving at our home and we are piecing it all together to create a fabulous space for you to enjoy. and p.s. your papa is beyond excited about that piece of "art" for your room. he can't wait to teach you all about the yankees and to play catch with you when you are a bit older. but first things first...keep developing those lungs and packing on pounds and getting ready for the outside world. and then, we will tackle things like eating and rolling over and crawling and walking. but then, baseball.

all our love,

mama + papa + elinor