taking stock | april's end

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making /// phone calls and spreadsheets and presentations. cooking /// lots of nutrient-dense dinners...when we aren't eating tacos and guac because, 'tis the season! drinking /// lemon water and third trimester tea and kombucha and smoothies and ashitaba tonics and probiotics. reading /// my pregnancy and birth and baby guides. time for a refresher... wanting /// to meet our little ridley man. but preferably not until after june 15. keep cooking! looking /// at the hummingbirds and butterflies in our backyard. playing /// django reinhardt and brad mehldau. elinor sways like mad when the jazzy stuff is spinning. wasting /// water. i feel like all we have been doing is watering and cleaning dishes and putting in loads of laundry and taking showers. sewing /// deciding whether i want to dive in and set up the sewing machine for more regular use on projects for the littles... wishing /// that i had more wall space for a massive gallery wall. i love all our windows but we are artsy-fartsy folks and need more real estate for pretty pieces. next home, next home. enjoying /// family picnics, great indoors style. waiting /// is not my favorite. liking /// elinor's smirky face and mischievous cackle. wondering /// what God will do in my heart in the coming months. loving /// life. hoping /// for a few more cool mornings and evenings before the heat settles in for the next six months. marveling /// at God's provision and tenderkindness and grace. needing /// to do more pigeon. open the hips, stretch the back. i will have none of that sciatica business. smelling /// french lavender and geranium. wearing /// striped dress + leopard flats + loose braids + a red lip. noticing /// that my filofax says MAY. yes, MAY. knowing /// that Jesus is my supply. my manna. thinking /// about pursuits and goals and dreams for the next ten years. my thirties are going to be grand. feeling /// joyful and delighted. bookmarking /// summer clothes. i am all about making my current wardrobe work with the bump so that i can spend my money on fresh, post-baby things that make me feel chic and current and like regular sans-bump me. opening /// the mail. giggling /// feels good and makes baby all swirly and hiccupy.

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