bébé numéro deux | 30 weeks

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progress & countdown: 30 weeks down & 70 days to go. wowee, that's super close to 60 days.

baby size: a cabbage.

food & drink: not much fun stuff to report. lots of liquids and fresh stuff. oh! after a bit of a hiatus, i did add peanut butter back into the mix. it was not my friend early on so i didn't really push it. but, i really wanted some apple slices this week and i made up a little bowl of freshly ground peanut butter with plenty of celtic salt and some chia seeds and hemp hearts and cinnamon for dipping and HAPPY DAY. that was tasty stuff. mama and baby boy were quite happy. oh! and we went for burgers over the weekend and that was majorly good stuff for our little man. he was so bouncy and delighted in there.

bump stuff: oh yes, it is a-growin’. and the belly veins are wild these days. giant and blue and kinda freaky looking. the belly button still hasn’t popped yet, but it does look so weird. and i am starting to get a full on linea nigra.

highs: lots of springtime fun outdoors. walks and al fresco dining and playtime at the park and planting flowers and running around. i am savoring these days because i know that very soon, the only outdoor time will - MUST - be spent in the pool.

lows: sleeping is getting less solid. more waking to adjust or move the pillow or flip. i mean, i am sleeping really well but it is more disrupted than i'd like. 

new developments: baby is almost 16 inches long and weighs almost 3 pounds. a pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds baby but that volume will shrink as baby gets bigger and takes up more space. baby's eyesight continues to develop, though it's not very keen. even after birth, baby will keep those little peepers closed for a good part of the day. he will respond to changes in light but will have 20/400 vision and only make out objects a few inches from his face.

meaningful moments & hormones & feelings: it is so wild that full term is just 7 weeks away. that's crazy soon. i mean, i am so ready but that is like, a month and a half until he is good to go. pregnancy, man. it seems like it takes forever and yet, it all happens so darn fast. i guess, such is life. i feel the same way about elinor. the days can be long and some weeks can creep but then, all of a sudden, years have passed. 

superficial stuff: the belly is solid and serious now which makes things seem legit but boy oh boy, it is a menace. and we still have a good chunk of time to go. i wonder what is going to happen in the next ten weeks... and i hope it does not include a preggo waddle.

looking forward to: biweekly appointments! how fun to get to hear that heartbeat and talk about birth and all kinds of baby things. plus, it makes things move much faster. woah! that means, as few as 5 APPOINTMENTS until baby! i am guessing it will be one or two more than that but, woah!