dear little prince

IMG_0790 dear little prince,

in case you aren't aware of this, you currently make mama's belly your home. contrary to what your big sister says (and shows), you do not also live in her belly button.

every time we walk into the garage to get in the car for a "baby brudder pointment" your sister lifts her shirt to remind me just where you reside. as if i could forget. she's so silly. but what is even sillier is when she randomly lifts my shirt for complete strangers so that she can show them her "baby rid-ree". lovely. but i can't be too cross. it is so sweet. she is so excited about you and so proud that you are her baby. i can guarantee that you won't be short on love and care and attention and caregivers. there are so many hands and hearts ready to embrace you.

and we will get to embrace you so, so soon! at this point, you don't know all that much about concepts like time or math (too busy swirling and hiccuping and growing hair on your head and, you know, brain cells) but we are at 30 weeks. that means 7 more weeks until full term and 10 more weeks until your due date. maybe that means little to you, but it is big to us. 7 weeks until you are "good to go" and strong and developed enough to be a healthy little lad outside mama's womb. that is so soon! that is less than two months from now. i cannot believe it.

and so, we are officially entering busyville. the land of appointments and checklists and nesting and reading and preparing and planning. we've got to get down to business. there is much to do before you are here but we are calm and ready and excited. i have some necessary items on order for you and the final pieces of your room will be here in a matter of weeks. after that, it is just putting everything into place and taking a few hours some weekend to get all the last-minute essentials. i am holding off on some things until later because i am having such fun and want to spread it out. i know i will need something to do in those final weeks to keep my mind and hands busy before your arrival. until then, if you notice more activity and flurries and hustle and bustle - please do not be alarmed. and no need to kick me in the ribs. it is just your mama, getting stuff done.

contine to enjoy your stay in belly-land. that's MY belly. we will just be out here, waiting for your arrival! see you sooner than soon. but not too soon. keep cooking in there for a good seven weeks. but hey, after that...come on out. it is going to be such fun. really really.

all our love,

mama + papa + elinor