park playtime + potted plants + burgers and fries

IMG_0847 IMG_0848 IMG_0849 what a fine weekend this was. the mornings were cool and breezy which made for an incredible setting for morning coffee and chatting with my man. we made sure to get up before the sun so we could get in some relaxation time before some exercise before cleaning up the house before cleaning up ourselves before elinor woke and the real fun began...

we ran errands and made lists and did our meal planning for the week. we listened to bob dylan records and jazz and had impromptu dance parties (the best kind). we spent time with family. we made messes. we cleaned up food. we made food and ate food. we saw more projects coming together. and we spent some time outside in the sunshine.

on sunday, we met up with some friends and their littles. a big, messy, wild multi-family event! we gathered at a park for some games and kicking the ball and slides and swings and running and jumping and playing and snacking AND flower potting. elinor got to get her hands in some soil as we planted some pretty springtime flowers in her very own painted pot - complete with pinwheel. elinor is really into her little plant and i am really hoping that we can keep it alive for an acceptable amount of time. she visits it and reminds me that we need to give it water and that it needs sunshine. perhaps having a little helper will be the key to achieving a green thumb!

okay, onto the food.

IMG_0853 IMG_0850

after getting some major vitamin D and expending plenty of energy, we decided that burgers were in order. burgers and fries and a shake to splitsies. we grabbed a booth at hopdoddy and not so patiently waited. parmesan fries with truffle aoili + green chile con queso dip to accompany another order of fries + burgers for all. well, elino split a burger with me. but ben...oh ben. he did it up. the weekly special was a poutine burger and it is exactly as it sounds - amazing. a burger with caramelized onions and fries and gravy and an egg topper. killer. killer stuff. and then we split a stout chocolate shake because i knew that if i didn't, i would be thinking about that thing for weeks and be filled with regret. so, it was an amazing afternoon.

IMG_0851 IMG_0852

as for the rest of the day, well...we took it easy. i did some spring cleaning and elinor helped me with laundry. ben did some yard work. we were productive and content (thank you, burgers). and there might have been a bit of napping, but i won't say who exactly was involved in that...

it was a just right, feel good weekend. it left us satisfied and restored and ready to jump into a new week with gusto! and i am so grateful for it.