easter baskets & treats with quinn popcorn PLUS A GIVEAWAY! {CLOSED}

Pin-660x440 'tis the season for easter baskets! we haven't really gone wild in this department but you gotta have some fun with it, right? last year, we did a little egg hunt in the backyard for miss elinor and it was too funny. she was so excited about finding all those brightly colored eggs. she collected them in her basket and brought them inside to gaze at in wonder. she was so overjoyed with her egg collection. AND THEN! she discovered that the eggs were filled with treats! so you can only imagine the enthusiasm level upon making that discovery...

elinor hasn't really done much in the sugar-overdose-candy-junk-food department. call us lame-o, if you must. but we are just fine with that. i like that her taste buds find delight in simple pleasures like blueberries and that she has cultivated a sophisticated palate when it comes to special occasion treats. to her, splitting a homemade macaron with her papa is the créme de la créme. and cake and ice cream at a party is just so over-the-top amazing. that's a good way to live.

so back to last year... when we were deciding on easter egg contents, we stuck to elinor's favorite snacks and treats. and they just so happened to be mama and papa approved! elinor's eggs were filled with annie's organic cheddar bunnies + hail merry chocolate macaroons + organic raisins. and you know what? you would have thought that she won the lottery. and it was nice that she could enjoy her "special treats" without subsequently bouncing off the walls before catapulting into a sugar coma right before we went to church and spent the entire day out and about, sans nap. that would have been an ugly sight indeed.

this year, we plan to do the same for elinor's basket, with one fabulous addition: QUINN POPCORN

we have the eggs and the basket and all the elements so all we have left is to fill and hide so she can find them and enjoy! stay tuned for pictures from all that because it is bound to be entertaining.

and in other easter food news...for our annual easter egg decorating contest, i am planning to whip up a tasty and festive snack so we can munch while we paint and dye and decorate and then judge each other's designs (yes, in the spirit of the season, we have a family contest and judge each other. often, quite harshly. and it's a blast.) i am going to use some QUINN vermont maple & sea salt popcorn as a base for some pinterest-worthy bunny bait. sweet and salty popcorn with some kind of chocolate and definitely nuts. i am betting that it will be wonderfully addictive.

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but now, onto the good stuff. we are pleased as punch to partner with QUINN POPCORN to not only fill our easter basket for elinor BUT to fill your tummies too! the amazing and generous crew at QUINN is providing three boxes of their bestest flavors to one lucky-duck reader! you will receive: 1 box (2 bags) of parmesan & rosemary microwave popcorn + 1 box (2 bags) of hickory smoked cheddar microwave popcorn + 1 box (2 bags) of vermont maple & sea salt microwave popcorn. that's a whole lot of snackage.


just comment below and tell me as much or as little about yourself as you'd like. perhaps, your favorite snack? or favorite thing to receive in an easter basket? the giveaway runs from now until THURSDAY APRIL 2 at midnight. short and sweet before the holiday weekend so, get in there! the winner will be randomly selected and contacted on friday morning.

AND, AND! they are also providing a super special discount code for swanky & dapper readers that will give you 20% off your online order! just use SWANKYEASTER at checkout. the code is good from now until monday, april 6. wahoo!

oh, and one last thing. you can also get entries on instagram so head over there to play too!