gal pals

IMG_0768IMG_0769IMG_0770IMG_0771IMG_0764 three cheers for springtime meet-ups with gal pals! elinor enjoyed a delightful afternoon with a tiny friend and i got to catch up with a longtime friend.

we met up for some flowerchild because, i am obsessed and it is tasty. we enjoyed a surprisingly leisurely (and clean!) dining experience and then, we strolled a bit and explored. we talked about family and life and work and toddlerisms and pregnancy. we window-shopped and happened upon an oversized, super soft, floppy bunny who was a major hit with the littles. but, of course it was. look at that thing!

what a nice time. it is so good to reconnect with an "old friend" and get to experience new stages of life together. gosh, we have come a long way since our college days...