dear little prince

IMG_0720 dear little prince,

three months from tomorrow. march 22 means three months from your estimated arrival date. how wild is that? i know that time will continue to fly. and as you can see...we are excited about you around here.

your big sister is slightly obsessed with mama's tummy because she knows that her "baby brudder rid-ree" is in there. at least three times a day, she asks to sit next to or see you. sometimes, she lifts up my shirt and says, "ooooooh....hiiiiiii baby brudder!" and then gives you the biggest kiss. other times, she likes to sit next to me and rest her hand on my bellybutton, just hanging out with you. recently, you have started saying hello back to her with a big kick. this tickles her to no end! she squeals and puts her hands up to her mouth in disbelief and asks me over and over again, "mama!!! was that baby brudder?" she really likes your cool tricks. and i really love these sweet interactions. so much.

i hope that you two forge a strong friendship. i hope that elinor teaches you and cares for you and loves you fiercely. i hope that you look up to her and look out for her. i hope you both encourage one another and have the most ridiculous playtime. making messes and reading and exploring and building and hugging and wrestling. rough and tumble but also kind and tender. i hope that you spur one another on toward love and good deeds.

i can't wait to see what you are like and how we all fit together as a family.

all our love,

mama + papa + elinor