momentary carbon stories


"i am mountain, i am dust constellations made of us there’s glory in the dirt the universe within the sand eternity within a man we are ocean, we are mist brilliant fools who ruled and kiss there's beauty in the dirt wandering in skin and soul searching, longing for a whole momentary carbon stories from the ashes, filled with Holy Ghost life is here now, breathe it all in let it all go, you are earth and wind"

i have been playing this gungor album and particularly, song, on repeat lately. just letting it fill my car and home and heart and mind. these lyrics speak to me deeply every time. the truth of our existence. these are humbling and beautiful words.

we breathe it all in an enjoy it all. we do our best. we savor moments. we make the most of opportunities. we live with purpose. we have moments of brilliance. we are productive. we have moments of foolishness. we seek prestige and our own prominence and worldly pleasure. we make mistakes. we fall down. we fall short.

we search. we wander.

we long for bigger and better things than what we find here. we are sojourners. we strive for holiness and beauty in our lives. we strive to honor our Creator. we do what we can to bring Him glory through our being and hearts and actions.

we are ashes. we are dust. our lives are vapor. but, our momentary carbon stories have the life of forever, of eternity, of the divine, breathed into them. we are enthused by the Holy Spirit that we may live and move and have our being in Him and do remarkable things.

His omnipotence works within me. this temporary home of flesh houses a soul that is capable of doing grand, heavenly things of eternal significance. may my life of dust and ash, may this feeble skin, may my momentary carbon story be used mightily for the Kingdom work.