bébé numéro deux | 20 weeks and a gender reveal!

IMG_0523 IMG_0524

progress & countdown: 20 weeks down & 140 days to go! HALF WAY POINT.

baby size: a banana

food & drink: mexican food. i am obsessed. tacos and nachos and fajitas and all that tasty stuff. it is in heavy rotation around here. and salads and fresh fruit are still faves.

bump stuff: filling out, most definitely. and that little one moves around something fierce.

highs: getting to spend lots of time looking at our little one. + ben being able to feel baby move!! he put his hand on my tummy before bed and felt those kicks for a solid five minutes. amazingness. + learning that we have an active and healthy baby...and getting to find out the gender!

lows: my pelvis is seriously spreading out to make room for a growth spurt and wowee it feels weird.

new developments: baby weighs about 11 ounces and measures around 6.5 inches from head to bottom and 10 inches from head to heel. p.s. the ultrasound tech told us that baby has long legs...what? hmmm... baby is swallowing more these days (which we totally got to see!) and practicing digestion. a.k.a. creating that icky meconium goo to fill those first few diapers. that stuff is the grossest.

meaningful moments & hormones & feelings: again, seeing baby. we watched our little one kick and squirm and hang out incredibly low in my uterus (riiiiiight by my bladder which explains things) in a contortionist pike position - legs folded up over the head. a crack up. i am feeling quite blissful right now and i am so grateful that baby is doing well. strong heartbeat and growing/forming well. and i am feeling real kicks now. legit movement. solid chunks of early morning stretching and afternoon antics and post-meal shenanigans and bedtime activity. and i know that they will only get stronger...look out, ribs!

superficial stuff: the belly is growing. i am putting on some pounds. the bump moves around and takes on different forms depending on where baby's bum is. i mean, as it should be...but, it still feels a bit out-of-body. 

looking forward to: nesting and calling our baby by name.


and for the extra fun news, the icing on the cake...baby whitehouse is a BOY! we have a wee lad in there! oh my goodness, we are over the moon about it. a little man. our son. and elinor is quite enthusiastic and oh-so-sweet about her "baby brudder". heart melting. hurray for our little prince. we can't wait for him to join our family soon.